13 April 2013


Dear movie makers and drama producers, please be logical and put some common senses in your stories. It is so depressing to see someone who is so dumb to run across the road without looking, which lead to a man being knocked down by the car for saving her, but unfortunately, the man is being left behind on the scene bleeding to death while she run away, looking sad and guilty, neither calling the police nor the ambulance. These events happen so frequently in movies and dramaland i even wonder are they really happening in real life? The humanity has diminished to the very thin.

Yes, i am talking about you, Lee Soon Shin is the Best.

And G.I Joe too. I am disappointed, regret of my decision to watch you. I should follow the path of OZ - the Great and Powerful than being deceived by the handsome Chaning Tatum who died very early. Though Oz is about mystical creatures and fairytale (means not that logic la), at least, the so-called hero survive till the end.

Checking literature review and questionnaire suddenly takes more time than it should be.pffft.


Syahmi said...

APEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE???? Hero mati?????? Ini sangat tidak logik! Tak best kot.

Nota kaki: aku tak tengok lagi huhu

liyana-san said...

ohmaii...aku sudah menspoilkan cerita itu.maap, sengaja.haha.silalah tgk kan ironman 3 bagi pihak kami-kami sekalian.