15 October 2015

#15102015 Too much caffeine

A cup (ok, it was a big mug) of hot mint mocha to start my day was a blessing. Other than being alive for another day, of course, and my body is still operating and I can see the blue skies and green trees and...Yes, there are a lot :)

But then, too much caffeine  made me grumpy and jumpy. I wanted to sing loudly in my cubicle, I wanted to regurgitate some of my very special kids,  I talked very fast and I hope my kids could understand, and I made one of my awesome teams sang Queen's "We will rock you." and it wasn't in my English space, it was History. Made an attempt to make the song a class anthem and asked the kids to look for the lyric. Let's see what will happen next week.

An eccentric adult with a lot of dreams channeling her inner craziness towards her innocent kids. Heh

It goes like 
A: Hey you!
B: What?me?
A: Yes, you!
A: Because we will rock you

#lamejoke #iknow

13 October 2015

#13102015 Tell and make them understand

So, I have these two kids in my little space. They have problem in understanding instructions and facts. You know, those jumpy kids, loud and energetic. Lectures are so not their cup of tea. But then, I always push them to do the tasks. This is because, you never know your limit unless you are being pushed.

Today, in my little space, I asked my kids to form few groups so that they can do the group activities easily. Then, these two kids, jokingly said that they don't want to do the task. So, I gave them options: if you don't want to be in the groups and do the task, stand for the whole period or do and sit. I know, it's cruel. They decided to not carry on their task and stood under the sun. After 20 minutes, they eventually gave up and said they want to do the task and they finished it in less than 5 minutes. hah.

It was not my decision, it was theirs. They chose to stand and not doing their works. It was the consequences of their choice. They didn't try, and made their decision recklessly.

But then, to be fair, these students don't know exactly the path they are heading to by making such decision. And I SHOULD tell them.

I didn't tell the whole reason of giving them options. I didn't tell that this was not a punishment, but it was a lesson for you to learn. I didn't tell that bad decision will make you suffer. I didn't tell that a decision cause a great effect to your life.

I didn't tell them anything. So, they can't understand why I'm doing that. Not for today, because I plan to tell them tomorrow. I hope it is not too late.

Despite of not doing their work and always receive a motherly (and corporal) punishment(?) from me, they still want to come to my little space and get extra nagging from me. They don't hold grudge. They can be so annoying but they can be adorable too with their silly antics. One of my kids pronounce 'Orang Bugis' (the Buginese) as 'Orang Bogel' (naked people). You can't find that in other places than this little space.

I just hope they learn something beneficial from today's little space :)

Credit to: noumanazhar2013.tumblr

#12102015 The Change

Wow, i thought that I had already forgotten my password, and I can only read it. After a(n) (un)difficult attempt, now I am writing this entry.

Change is inevitable. Everyone will change, every living organisms need the change. No one want to live in a static and constant life; no risk, no challenge, nothing. So, for 2015, the biggest change that I have taken so far is when I chose to be in this teaching field.

This is not for sure the most fancy job in the world. It looks easy on the surface but hella challenging. I have more downs than the ups moment. I fought with my kids (read: students) and I nag a lot. I spend more money for my kids than for my mom, but still, I don't get the respect I want from some of the kids. Quitting this job always comes into my mind whenever a very worst moment occur. But then, there were moments that make me feel ' Yes, I wanna be here, with them.' Although those moments can be counted, but still they are very precious.

We should change before we assume others to change. That's is the rule that makes me sane and makes me moving. And success will only be attained after thousand failures. Like a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, we will transform into a better person, one day.

this sounds too serious to begin with :))