13 October 2015

#12102015 The Change

Wow, i thought that I had already forgotten my password, and I can only read it. After a(n) (un)difficult attempt, now I am writing this entry.

Change is inevitable. Everyone will change, every living organisms need the change. No one want to live in a static and constant life; no risk, no challenge, nothing. So, for 2015, the biggest change that I have taken so far is when I chose to be in this teaching field.

This is not for sure the most fancy job in the world. It looks easy on the surface but hella challenging. I have more downs than the ups moment. I fought with my kids (read: students) and I nag a lot. I spend more money for my kids than for my mom, but still, I don't get the respect I want from some of the kids. Quitting this job always comes into my mind whenever a very worst moment occur. But then, there were moments that make me feel ' Yes, I wanna be here, with them.' Although those moments can be counted, but still they are very precious.

We should change before we assume others to change. That's is the rule that makes me sane and makes me moving. And success will only be attained after thousand failures. Like a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, we will transform into a better person, one day.

this sounds too serious to begin with :))

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