15 October 2015

#15102015 Too much caffeine

A cup (ok, it was a big mug) of hot mint mocha to start my day was a blessing. Other than being alive for another day, of course, and my body is still operating and I can see the blue skies and green trees and...Yes, there are a lot :)

But then, too much caffeine  made me grumpy and jumpy. I wanted to sing loudly in my cubicle, I wanted to regurgitate some of my very special kids,  I talked very fast and I hope my kids could understand, and I made one of my awesome teams sang Queen's "We will rock you." and it wasn't in my English space, it was History. Made an attempt to make the song a class anthem and asked the kids to look for the lyric. Let's see what will happen next week.

An eccentric adult with a lot of dreams channeling her inner craziness towards her innocent kids. Heh

It goes like 
A: Hey you!
B: What?me?
A: Yes, you!
A: Because we will rock you

#lamejoke #iknow

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