07 May 2013

The aftermath

I do wish for free education for my future children and grandchildren.
I do wish that I would not need to pay the tolls every time I use the highways and expressway.
I do wish that cars would not be that expensive so I can buy my dream car.
I do wish that petrol, basic needs like food, and fertiliser remain at the lowest price.
I also do wish that no saman system will be implemented because i hate driving 80km/hr on a clear road. Hey, siapa takmau balik rumah awal kan.

But i realize that while those dreams are possible, it is a bit plausible and takes a lot more efforts and time to achieve in just 5 years. The more we spend, the more we need to generate. Yes, we are blessed with valuable natural resources that we can use to cover all the spending, but till when? They are depleting right before our eyes as we continue to exploit them viciously. We can build factories, planting trees and wheat, and doing business virtually to gain income, but is it enough? 

People want to gain things easily, no sweat, no cry, no blood y'all, and it is free. Please, even the cheapest and the 'god-knows how awful the karipap is' need to be bought when we are hungry. It doesn't fall from sky only with a single prayer *unless your doa' is granted :). You need to work and pay for it. Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their own condition . We whom are given good fortune and more income should give back to the poor, through zakat, sodaqoh (arab sikit),and any other contribution. Not all can afford to buy cars and pay tolls since they just drive motorcycle or struggling to keep the family eat once a day.

 As for the rise of food and petrol prices, can we control the price? Nope. Imagine this, we have 10 siblings. All had decided to sell lemonade for 3 bucks a cup except you. Their  rationale: we are the only lemonade seller on the town, plus the taste is good. You split away from your brothers, try to sell the lemonade by your own, but your brothers put pressure on you by selling lemons you needed at high price. You try to plant lemons on your yard but your brothers refuse to give you the machine, as they fear you will attract their customers. Reality is harsh, but it doesn't mean that there is no rainbow at the end of the day :) *and the example given patut kena campak ke laut.

But i do wish that the people should not bear the burden of too many taxes. Make it affordable.Takes what is needed, spend necessarily and try not to rob the people. Give back what are ours and don't overspending even if you can, because membazir amalan syaitan.

I also do wish for a fair ruling and legislation based on Islam. Put a stop on oppression, corruption, and discrimination. Create a positive-thinking community and environment where our children can live peacefully. Leaders play a crucial part to accomplish the vision.

Apa guna berpecah atas alasan berbeza pendapat. Dan albeit you are in the right side, it doesn't mean that what you say is right, and vice versa. Hidup bermasyarakat ni, ibaratnya sepasang lelaki dan perempuan yang nak berkahwin. Hidung ko penyek, mata aku juling. Tapi hidung aku mancung dan mata ko bundar. Kawin, dapat anak comel. Persamaan antara kami: mahu membina hidup bersama untuk masa depan yang gemilang dan saling melengkapi antara satu dengan yang lain. See the chronology? Oleh itu, takyah gaduh-gaduh. Gunakan tenaga itu untuk benda yang lebih positif dan berfaedah. Persiapkan diri dengan ilmu, jadi apabila tiba masanya, kita sudah bersedia. Pasti hasilnya lebih baik dan sedikit berbeza.

Before I want to change others, me myself need to change for a better person. Tak guna dok pung pang, pung pang tak tentu hala bila mana kita sendiri gagal  menjaga ukhwah sesama rakan-rakan dan saudara seIslam kita. Tak guna dok maki-maki, mengata sana sini hal orang bila mana kita sendiri banyak kesalahannya. Tak guna suruh orang jadi baik apabila kita sendiri dok tang tu takmau berubah ke arah kebaikan. Asik nak marah pemandu lain dan GPS je.
Faham tak Liyana???

*Cepat-cepat bukak buku*

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